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Up to Speed!!

The update of all updates! I have been so busy (and mom is either a: hogging the laptop or b: shutting it off at night OR c: bringing me up to bed, so I can't post! *sigh*) but will update you all best as I can!

  • June 4th: I moved in with mom (saphphx) and dad (stiggle), but you already knew that :)
    • They took me to the beach and dad kept throwing the toy to far so I got to pull mom over into the sand and drag her :D that was fun! This is me playing. This one is fun,I am the little speck cause they let me off the lead. I was really good and came back every time!!
    • I got my very own bed, water dish, food dish, and the coolest toys, this orange rubber bone and some other ones too!
    • Mom stays home with me all day. I like her.
  • June 5th: I cuddled mom and dad on the sofa, it was nice, but they kept scaring me, so I tried biting them, but they weren't scared, and I tried to stop, but I kept trying to bite them anyway :(
  • June 10th: Mom is comfy. I will lay on her as often as possible. Also, dad is kinda comfy, but he still freaks me out. I met the cat as well.
  • June 12th: My first bath. I HATED it. Dad tried to get me in the tub, so I bit him. Then mom had this fabric thing and put it on me and I couldn't bite any more.. she calls it the 'happy hat' but I think it only makes chewy people happy cause they can't be chewed... But she let me sit on the couch with her more after that! Here's another, she says I squish her though :P
  • June 20thish: Mom started going out too. I did everything to keep her in, cried at the door, barked, sat in the window, cried more, but she still left. Mom comes back though :) Dad does too. I like mom, still not to sure about dad....
  • July: Heather moved in. I like her :D Mom also got all the crap and mangles out of my fur, thanks to that stupid happy hat. I wouldn't have bit her! Honest! Not on purpose anyway..... But I am sooo pretty!
  • Lets skip some time, I was good, I was cute, I love everyone, so on and so forth. Sept the paper girl, she teased me, and when I found her I bit her! Even though mom yelled at her and told her to go away, and shoved ME in the road, the stupid thing put her hand to close and I got her :D Mom was really mad and cried a lot though. The girls mom was mad too though til mom explained that the girl teased me lots.
  • November: Someone who smells like mom came to stay. She smelt kinda like mom. She really scared me at first, and I had a few accidents on the carpet. Mom's mom blamed mom and said I didn't get let outside often enough. I just didn't like Mom's Mom. I got use to her though, even shared my couch with her. Mom, Heather, and Mom's Mom left a lot though, for a long time too, and I was really really worried mom wouldn't come home. Dad got a new toy while mom was gone, its fluffy and smells like the bunnies, I think its a bunny, but dad keeps putting it on the kitchen counter and mom says only food goes there, so I don't know what it is supposed to be. Mom's Mom left though, it was sad, so I had to show mom lots that I love her lots and lots and lots so she would stop leaving. And she did!
  • December: Mom caught me sleeping with my eyes open again.. Then she caught me falling out of my bed... I got to go see another dog for Shiny Lights Day. Her name is Molly, I don't know what to think of her. I tried to growl and scare her away but she growled back, and I had to share my toys AND my parents!! I got to play on the beach though! Then mom dressed me up. :( It was a really weird month..
  • January: Heather went away and still isn't back :( I have to show mom and dad that I love them lots and lots so they wont do the same too!!
  • February: This bald dude and his dog keep coming  over. I think his name is Stu, I call the dog dead. Mom makes me ignore her though, but every now and then we get into a fight which SHE starts, but neither finish cause dad does :/
  • March: Stu and his dog came to stay again, now they wont go away. I think I was really bad, cause mom took me to Aunt Kari's and then Aunt Kari took me to the Funny Smelling Place, you know, where mom takes me when I am sick, but this time I got left there. When I woke up, I looked like this and was really tired, so I slept some more. Then Dad and Stu brought some human beds in. Mom likes this one, which we share, here is another shot :) She found another spot to sit, so I guess it means this is my chair now. I love my chair. I do everything in my chair. I even sleep there! I still get baths. I love mom though, she always dries me off before she dries herself off. Even when she is really soggy. Oh, and I accidentally bit Aunt Kari, I was trying to protect her from some dogs though on the way home from getting something called stitches out. I hated that, but I don't have to wear that stupid cone any more though! This nice lady came to stay too, she brought a smaller version of Smudge, mom's cat, but this one likes me. I stopped trying to eat dead, so I guess I can call her Suzi now. I still don't like her though!
  • April: Dad took my chair. So I crawled up and wiggled behind him. We were both very tired, and mom was mean and took a photo... We look silly. Anyway, they are on about this Easter thing again. Mom says if I am good this big bunny thing will bring me pressies, the little bunnies she have are SOOO annoying, chewing and thumping all the time, so I really don't think I want an even BIGGER one coming here!! The nice lady and the smaller Smudge left, then Stu and Suzi left too! I should cuddle mom and dad lots and LOTS so they know I love them LOTS so they wont leave too!


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