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The RSPCA and Tippit's full tale in text

(even the bad bits which have been left out in the last entry I did about this. Reader be ware, it is hard to think about, and I cry every time.)

Copied from my LJ with language edited:

'The more I learn about the RSPCA and its policies, the more I think it is anti-pet', says Jeremy Gay. Epic Fricken Trufax. If the RSPCA followed its own rules for "captive bred animals from wild animals" there would be NO pets, NO breeding centres for endangered species, NO zoos where the last of a few species lives, NO fish tanks, NO fish farms which they champion from time to time as its saving the wild population from being fished.

In short, I always say SCREW YOU to the RSPCA. Starting with Tippit and her tale, and going on and on from every single thing I have ever read about them. I will NEVER support the RSPCA. If not for their crappy rules that even they don't fillow, simply for the fact that if they had their way Tippit, a mostly decent and reformed dog, would be DEAD. Yes, you read that right. The RSPCA would have put Tippit down instead of giving her a chance, and as those who have known me for the last three years and have known my dog, she has issues, but she is a perfectly acceptable member of fluffy society.

When we got her she was MANKY. Dirty and smelt like dead horse. She would come over from time to time, want a petting then suddenly snap and bite you. "Better get you before you get me." Too bloody right when you've spent 3-6 years being beaten, kicked, hit with rocks, and left to starve to death locked in a small disgusting pen with other animals who are dying all around you, eating rocks to fill your stomach when nothing else can be found, then eating your pen-mates when they do finally starve to death. She spent the first 3 days of her free life in the back of a car, to afraid to get out. Her foster parents took down parts of their back fence to park the car in the back garden and left the back open for her, leaving food and water, hoping she would come around.

A tennis ball and a kind word won her over and she left the back of the car. She competed with the families much larger Burmese Mountain Dog, so often was kept separate, as well as for the welfare of their 5 year old daughter. These people took her in. They risked that one day she could get where she shouldn't despite their efforts. They risked their daughter, they risked their own dog. They did what they could, and she came around a bit, but would still sooner have you before you could have her. They searched for a home for weeks for her. They drove her HOURS to my house to meet us. They told us everything, warned us so much how she was. She bit me during the interview. We took them to one of the beaches she would visit if she lived with us. We got her ice cream when we had some, and she had my again. We brought her home, showed her the rabbits and cat, she pulled away and turned her head, wanting nothing to do with smaller animals.

"She may as well stay, saves us going to collect her in a week or two." And so she did. Plasters and medical tape were bought in bulk. She was given her own cave in an alcove and her own bed. Toys plenty and the best dog food there is. I had always thought she would stay to her own and never interact with us. I was wrong. In three days time she jumped onto the sofa and stretched out on me. From then on, she was my dog. My friend. It took a good year of work, trust, and a lot of vet trips to sort her out. She limps from time to time as her leg was broken and never set correctly. She has nerve damage in her tail from the 2 places it was broken and never set. You can see the kinks from where it healed wrong.

She likes nothing more then to lay at your feet and bring you a toy. She may never like other dogs, but there are a few we can leave her alone with. Border collies fair best with her as one of the three other survivors was a border collie. She will let you take her food away, take treats from her mouth, sit and wait patiently to eat. She won't take food from plates anymore, it use to be if you blinked for to long and your sandwich was in range it would vanish. Now I have left plates of all sorts sitting on my chair, once even a plate of pizza on the floor to answer the door, would come back and she would be sitting there watching me, or more often her nose 3 inches from the plate with her eyes on me, always earning her a treat for her restraint and often a bit of my dinner as well as a reward.

I rarely have to resort to contact to correct anything she does. Merely shouting at her had her skittering off for ages. Now of course she will ignore me when she knows she's done nothing wrong, but any border collie will ;) When I bring shopping in I tell her to go to her bed to get out of the way, she'll look at me and if she could roll her eyes she would then heads off out of the way but won't go to her bed as she's done nothing wrong. Its annoying sometimes, but fair enough. Now I just tell her to get out of the way and she goes to her bed lol.

Point is, she had a crappy life, she was treated worse then crap. So she would get you before you could get her. You would do the same. Any member of the RSPCA would have done the same if they were her. Yet they would have put her to death, if not for one police officer who decided this dog needed a chance, and off she went. A private foster family were found, and then we were found. I will never trust her alone with small children. I will never trust her alone with small animals. The cats stay locked upstairs and the dog downstairs when we go out, and when I babysit and need to leave the room the dog goes with me, or depending on age and the child, she is put upstairs.

I know she is a good dog, but starving so much your whole life that your head and paws are to large for your out of per portion body, 2 inches shorter then you should be.. that has to effect her brain and how she thinks. She will get startled and forget her manors. I couldn't live with myself if she hurt someone or an animal in those rare moments. I also know she only cares for other border collies, so when I take her anywhere where there will be tons of people or other dogs/animals then she will be muzzled for her safety and theirs. Its what you do, even if she never does anything for the rest of her days, every dog looses it and reverts to pure nature and instinct when frightened. She is no exception, and her nature is more wild then other domesticated dogs.

Now, if you will excuse me, my dog needs a bath ;)


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