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Where to start.
This story is quite upsetting. I have kept a lot of the bad details out, leaving it up to you if you want to read the news articles about her, but as a warning they have photos of dead animals and graphic descriptions of how the survivors lived. Its not pretty and makes me ill, to be honest. Other then that, this is happy and photo filled :) We got Tippit on June 4th, 2005 following this post on DogPages.

When they came to check out our house and meet us, they brought Tippit to see how she'd fit in. They warned us that she was a bit snappy, pointing out this news story about her: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/4071458.stm and http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2005/jun/07/animalwelfare.world

And later an update the next year (2006) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/4857116.stm (CAUTION: 3 Images, one from the article above from the BBC, 1 showing the CLEANED area - and 1 fricken horrific one that makes me cry and want to be ill - cause like - those are not "just dead dogs" those are my dog's FRIENDS you know? that could have easily been MY beautiful dog, and yeah, it makes me mad and ill - to top it, that ****** only got 6 MONTHS of his actual term... not impressed) - can you imagine, all those dogs and horses and only three animals came out alive? Tippit was so vicious the RSPCA wouldn't take her. The police didn't want her to be put down, so she went to a private foster home where she spent 4 days living in the back of their truck (they had to park it in the back yard and leave the door open as she just would NOT leave)

Anyway. They explained that she would sit for a cuddle, then suddenly bite. I believed them, thus was quick enough the THREE TIMES she tried to bite me and got my hand away, never once yelling at her, just going "OW" to which she'd duck her head and cuddle up again, and we started over. They were impressed but worried that she'd put us off taking her. So, we took them to our lovely beach to show them where we could take her, we got ice cream, husband went back and got Tippit one in a dish.

So, after the beach, we get home, they say their goodbyes and he goes "she keeps trying to get to your door, isn't that funny" I said "well, we will talk about it and come down to get her at some point so she doesn't feel like you're abandoning her." and husband goes "right, may as well leave her here and save us the trip and you looking after her, she seems happy enough" so they did :P

Not ready for a dog, we left her in the kitchen, ran to every store in town getting leads, bowls, food, treats, toys, and an hour later we were on the beach with our new dog :)

Tippit's First Day on the Beach (and off lead!) with Me :)

Husband has a play

The little black dot would be the dog :P She had perfect recall - when not distracted (though now is perfect)

After a few days the smell got to us.. Years of rotted horse and rabbit mixed in ratty dog fur. We decide the ocean and hose just wont cut it, so in the bath she goes. Now, I can't lift her due to a bad back, so got husband to do it, she bit him badly, so off we went to the store, got some treats, a muzzle and more shampoo, then in the tub she went, muzzle, lead and all.

she was not impressed.

and sulked.

But, strangely, in an odd show of OMGILOVEYOU, forgave me! This was the first time she ever got close, and boy was she close lol! Husband got her onto his lap before by tempting her with a ball, but I woke up from a nap on the couch with a sudden dogging.

A few days later, HB moved in, Tippit loved her to bits and always conned her into treats.

By December 05, nothing could bother my dog:

Not even dress up time!

Until... our housemate left. Tippit got depressed and snappy again, but HP left her a gift, her prized Duck. And Tippit was happy again, though still moaped for months. Then we were evil and got her snipped. She was less then impressed:

Then SI moved in, and she'd share his chair with me.

and Tippit became queen of his chair:

and loved it

Another bath followed, not impressed at all, but someone thought it was cute enough to take photos of:

Fuzzy, but cute:

Smudge passed away sadly, Tippit never really took to her, but was very upset when she couldn't find her for weeks to come. We ended up digging out and washing the duck. Tippit still loves her duck:

anyway, back to the story. So with Smudge gone and Tippit moody, we got a kitten, named Tig:

Tippit loved Tig. She also loves her new bed:

ANYWAY. At this point Tippit is a model citizen. Comes when called, hasn't bitten anyone in months, an all around angel. Then one day Tig sees her sleeping at the top of the steps with her head hanging over the top stair and decides it would be a GREAT idea to run up and grab her face with his claws out. Tippit didn't take kindly to the rude awakening and Tig's ear suffered:

To be honest, I would have bitten him too. They were both grounded for weeks.

Tig died earlier this year. Tippit still looks for him, but didn't take the shock as hard and didn't revert back to a feral beast this time. She still looks for him though, which is sad, but I don't think we will be getting another cat.

Anyway, there is more to the story, but that is the brief overview with cute pictures. Tippit has now gone well over a year without biting or trying to bite, she loves cuddles, though is still iffy about small children she generally loves them too. She gets on with other collies for the most part, but sometimes will randomly have a go, though less and less these days.

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OMG, I remember reading about that. I go on DogPages a lot...I shouldn't because I want to adopt them all but can't take any more dogs in until we get our own home. So glad Tippit has been rescued and has a lovely and loving home now.

yeah I wont let myself go there anymore lol I am always like "so.. honey.. do you think Tippit would get along with a......" and get... "Um. no. No dogpaged. Blocked from the house. END." LOL

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