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I has been gone a long time, hasn't I? I've just had some of mom's yummy pasta, it was very nice.

Since I last updated I found a really great toy, its a giant sheep and I get to chew it all the time! Its way more fun than typing!

Let me think. I think I stopped posting because not long after mom ranted about the RSPCA I got really sick. They kept coming to the house wanting money from her, and I was sick so she didn't want anything to do with them and told them to go away and not come back, but they kept coming back. She does think they do some good stuff, but she thinks they do bad stuff too. I like toys more than people, as long as they leave my toys alone I don't care what they do.

Anyway I was coughing all the time and panting non-stop. I got treated for Kennel Cough by a vet who didn't like me. She made me put the face thingy on even though mom said I didn't bite anymore! Better safe than sorry, I was sick but I just wanted to lick her! Honest! After that I didn't get any better and I had to have exedrayeds. Mom says they are special pictures I have to be asleep to take. I don't like them. They showed my heart was really big. The vet said it was faildure, or sommat. Mom was very sad, she said it wasn't my fault my heart was broked, but she loved me anyway - lots and lots! I even got to go to a lake to play, because mom was worried the ocean would be to much for me. We got to play with a stick! Here I am looking for it under the water, but mom thinks it was floating around behind me :/ I didn't find it, but I found a nice rock instead, then another stick! It was a great stick!

Anyway, I started coughing so we had to go home. I had to take icky medicine for my heart, but the vet was worried as it wasn't working. I had to try lots of different medicines, but none of them would work, and mom started worrying more and more. I had to go to the vets again to get my fur taken off and some gel thingy put on for some other pictures, I don't know what they were, but mom cried at the results again. She cried a lot those years. Well with a better look at my heart from the outside and inside with a thingymagiggy, the vet decided that my heart was to big, but it was all in scale. What fish have to do with it I don't know. But my lungs and everything else are all the same size of "to big" and my body and outside is "to small" so it looked like heart brokeness when it wasn't, I was coughing because there just wasn't room for everything inside, because everything outside didn't grow as big as it should have. I guess mom was happy crying? I got lots of cuddles anyway, so its okay.

Now I am on medicine that makes me pee all the time, but I don't cough anymore! It didn't stop me from playing, but mom seems happy that I can play and not cough! She has started taking me places again which I really like, but she is still worried about me sometimes!

Somewhere in there we got this dumb white thing that talks to me, and sometimes screams for no reason. Mom says he is a parrot. I don't know, he pulls my fur, but he feeds me and talks to me all day too. I still don't know if I like him. Lately mom doesn't seem to like him either, he keeps biting her which is not nice. She says that's because she isn't firm enough with him, but I think he is just dumb - I got loads of extra things when I stopped biting, AND you only need to bite if something is going to hurt you. Nothing ever hurts me here, and nothing has ever hurt stupid, well I did once, he grabbed my fur so I ran away and he fell on the floor. He ran after me too until mom put her foot in the way, then he just walked back to his cage and threw food on the floor for me. I think we are friends again. He doesn't bite me though, just pulls fur. Mom says its preening and it means he likes me. I like him and I don't lick him. He is just weird.

Mom and dad let me sleep upstairs with them now again too, so I don't have to share them all the time. Its very nice. I have a load of toys up there to play with. I like it up there, but it gets to hot. Its to hot everywhere right now, so mom cut my hair again. I hope I don't have to go see Molly until it grows back in. She makes fun of me enough without silly hair cuts!

The RSPCA and Tippit's full tale in text

(even the bad bits which have been left out in the last entry I did about this. Reader be ware, it is hard to think about, and I cry every time.)

Copied from my LJ with language edited:

'The more I learn about the RSPCA and its policies, the more I think it is anti-pet', says Jeremy Gay. Epic Fricken Trufax. If the RSPCA followed its own rules for "captive bred animals from wild animals" there would be NO pets, NO breeding centres for endangered species, NO zoos where the last of a few species lives, NO fish tanks, NO fish farms which they champion from time to time as its saving the wild population from being fished.

In short, I always say SCREW YOU to the RSPCA. Starting with Tippit and her tale, and going on and on from every single thing I have ever read about them. I will NEVER support the RSPCA. If not for their crappy rules that even they don't fillow, simply for the fact that if they had their way Tippit, a mostly decent and reformed dog, would be DEAD. Yes, you read that right. The RSPCA would have put Tippit down instead of giving her a chance, and as those who have known me for the last three years and have known my dog, she has issues, but she is a perfectly acceptable member of fluffy society.

Tippit and how we got her, text only but longCollapse )

Now, if you will excuse me, my dog needs a bath ;)

I has a limp.
Mom says I am faking, dad says my shoulder is sore. I donno, I keep falling over cause I don't want to use it, but mom keeps giving me treats and keeps bringing everything to me, like she did last time, so I guess she kinda believes me. They keep saying if I'm not better soon I have to go see the vet though. I don't like the vet.

Tippit was all fine when the in-laws arrived, settled into her bed when they left, and now she can't walk. Her front leg she is favoring and wont put down, the rest she seems to be trying to limp on as well, and she was just laying there perfectly fine and happy before. She doesn't seem to be in pain, she can still get on husbands chair so its not bothering her that much, and the little legs are still shifting around when she's laying down as normal, so I haven't a fucking clue. Husband says to leave her down here where she doesn't have to move much to get to things, so hopefully she will rest. Moving her bowl to be by her then going upstairs for a small nap myself. I am really worried about her but don't want to make her go up the stairs to be with me, and don't want to carry her in case she IS hurt.

I don't know what to do. Not impressed.

Gave her a very good tick check and felt all joints and bones, its just the left front paw she wont let me bend around, so I think she twisted it getting up. I've moved her bowl of water over to her and am going to see how it goes tonight and tomorrow before freaking out - she keeps licking it and stuff, so there is something wrong with it but she wont let me have a good look. I think the unsteadiness of the rest of her legs is due to being off balance. Before when she faked her limp in the back leg she had good balance still, seems now that its a real limp she's having issues. Going to sort all her stuff to be close to her bed then go upstairs to let her rest. She keeps wanting things from me so keeps coming up and moving around needlessly like the muppet she is.

Muppy Vision
While the strange man with the other dog ALWAYS feeds me on time when I stay with him, I often find that if I stare at mom then my dish often enough, and its after 9, she will feed me. I also find that sometimes I can leave it for a while, lick the dish really clean, then start over and sometimes get fed again. I love her, but all those small dog treats in the plastic bottles the funny smelling man at the human vet gives her has really done her in the last few months. Maybe I shouldn't guilt trip her into more food...? WTF am I talking about.. I am going to go beg more.


I swear, this is how my dog thinks. Really. I tried to add typos, but semagic is a dear and wont let me lol. I often wonder who owns who in this little partnership.
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Where to start.
This story is quite upsetting. I have kept a lot of the bad details out, leaving it up to you if you want to read the news articles about her, but as a warning they have photos of dead animals and graphic descriptions of how the survivors lived. Its not pretty and makes me ill, to be honest. Other then that, this is happy and photo filled :) click hereCollapse )

Anyway, there is more to the story, but that is the brief overview with cute pictures. Tippit has now gone well over a year without biting or trying to bite, she loves cuddles, though is still iffy about small children she generally loves them too. She gets on with other collies for the most part, but sometimes will randomly have a go, though less and less these days.

Dumb Dog
So, I let dog out. I let dog in. I feed dog. I go upstairs to loo. I come back down, dog shit on carpet by door.

So pissed off. She thought she was getting locked down for the night so took it out on me, so instead she spent the night in the kitchen for a few hours, outside for a few hours, then in her pen for the rest of the night, and will be in her pen again tonight. So fucked off with her lately, she's a good dog, but needs to learn this acting out shit has got to stop.

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For general reference.
I keep loosing the links, and people keep asking why my dog is such a nut, so
Thats why she is a nut. She is a survivor of that horror. Please be aware its a heart breaking story and horrible photos.

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Up to Speed!!

The update of all updates! I have been so busy (and mom is either a: hogging the laptop or b: shutting it off at night OR c: bringing me up to bed, so I can't post! *sigh*) but will update you all best as I can! this is really really long!Collapse )</li></ul>

This is me, by the way...

So yeah, here I am snoring away and mom snaps this one. The bed is to big for me, over stuffed, but I still find a way to stretch out to much and fill it the way a rottie would envy :D

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I do NOT like the new bunny. I tried to eat her. I got grounded.. I DO NOT LIKE NEW BUNNY. I really DIDN'T try eating her though, just a taste. Fluffy little....

I got petted though, and now I am ok to be back on the couch.. and the bunny is locked up. Natural order is restored.

I pooped in the yard, I got a treat. I don't understand the point, but I think mom may be to ill to walk me, but I got a treat for pooping, so its not to bad.


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